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CRIMP-400 - Crimping Tool for LMR400
This crimper is a ratcheting type tool, making it easy to crimp without a lot of stress on your h..
CRIMP-RJ45 - Crimping Tool for RJ45 & RJ11
The UTP Ratchet Crimp tool is used for crimping on UTP RJ45 connectors. This rugged, heavy-duty to..
CRIMP-PDT - Punch down Tool
The Versatile Krone Tool the only one you need. The Krone Tool terminates and trims wires with on..
CRIMP-STRIP - UTP Cable Stripping Tool
 Features   - Flat wire stripper for stranded phone wire, 2p, 4p, 6p, 8p, 1..
RJ45-CAB-T - RJ45 Cable Tester
This device allows you to inspect/test network cable, BNC coaxial cable and USB signal cable, wir..
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