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ANT-RDS-40P - Ubiquiti NanoBridge - RF Shield with bolts - Cover
Ubiquiti RF Nanobridge-Shield Ubiquiti Nanobridge-shield is a collar and cover for any..
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ANT-5412-OMNI - 5.4GHz 12dBi Omni Antenna
ANT-5412-OMNI 5.8GHz 12dBi fibreglass Vertical Omni Antenna is a professional high gain omni-dire..
ANT-RDS-60 - Ubiquiti Rocket Dish - RF Shield with bolts
Ubiquiti RF Rocket Dish-Shield Ubiquiti Rocket Dish-shield is a collar and cover for any Dua..
ANT-2409-SMARPM - 2.4GHz 9dBi Dipole Antenna SMA(M)RP Mbase
Highlights: 9dBi Omni-directional operation boosts your signal to a higher range ..
ANT-2409-DIPSMA - 2.4Ghz 8dBi Dipole Antenna SMA(M)RP
Highlights: Very easy to install, no software required 8dBi Omni-direction..
ANT-2409-OMNI - 2.4GHz 9dBi Omni Antenna
ANT-2409-OMNI is a 9dBi Fibreglass Vertical Omni-directional Antenna. Ideally suited for multipoi..
ANT-2412-OMNI - 2.4GHz 12dBi Omni Antenna
ANT-2412-OMNI 12dBi, Lightweight Fibreglass, Vertical Omni Antenna is ideal for multipoint applic..
ANT-5427-GRID - 5.4GHz 27dBi Grid Antenna - Split Grid
ANT-5427-GRID high-gain 27dBi wide-band, long-range Reflector Grid Antenna is ideal for direction..
ANT-5430-GRID - 5.4GHz 30dBi Grid antenna - Split Grid
ANT-5430-GRID 90 cm x 70 cm grid reflector yields a 5.0 - 6.0 GHz grid with a gain of an impressi..
ANT-2419-GRID - 2.4GHz 19dBi Grid antenna - Split Grid
ANT-2419-GRID is a 19dBi high-performance, aluminum die-cast, directional parabolic grid antenna,..
ANT-5415-SEC - 5.4GHz 15dBi Sector antenna - 120" VP
ANT-5415-SEC 15dBi Vertical Sector Panel Antenna combines high gain with a wide 120 Degree horizo..
ANT-2414-SEC - 2.4GHz 14dBi Sector Antenna - 120" VP
ANT-2414-SEC is a 2.4GHz light-weight,14dBi, 120 Degree, Vertical Sector outdoor antenna and is i..
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