About Us

MaxComm was formed by a group of people, who decided to combine their experience, knowledge and dreams, and focus them on one goal: to prove everyone and everywhere, that there are people who know exactly what they need and how to achieve it!

The company's operating field is delivery of IP services, software development, IT solutions, network security and system integration.

Years of daily hard work and endless hours of solving cubersome problems and creating products have given each of the staff the unique ability that others miss - to understand a customer`s needs within the first 30 minutes of conversation and to find the right way to satisfy him.

When it comes to solutions, MaxComm always has more than one. All of them are specially suited for YOU! Each case/problem is unique. Therefore, MaxComm does not work with cliches, we will offer you an unique solution/product, that will fulfill completely your needs.

What MaxComm provides is not just a service or a product. It is top quality! Our goal is to provide customers with top speed, high quality, minimum downtime (if none) and 24h monitoring and improvement. Our company is widely known in the IT world with the "MaxComm QoS" mark. No customer has left MaxComm with a complaint of bad service.

Our strong reseller network helps us to interact very quickly and effectively with our customers and to treat each customer individually, paying him all the attention needed.

Our customers are a wide range of home users, internet cafes, call shops, ISP, telecoms and corporate companies.


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